About Us
The Motwane Manufacturing Company Private Limited is a leading Designer, Manufacturer and Supplier of high performance Electronic Test, Measurement and Recording Instruments in India. Established in 1967, the company pioneered the sale and indigenous manufacturing of Analog Multimeters in India through a technical collaboration with AVO Limited of the United Kingdom. Since then, the Company has successfully initiated several development efforts to cover a family of products that include:
Test & Measurement Systems :
Digital Multimeters. Clamp on Meters
Low Resistance Meters. Insulation Testers.
Universal Counters. Portable Oscilloscopes.
High Voltage Safety Equipments 1Ø & 3Ø Static Energy Meters.
Frequency Counters. Function Generators.
Universal Test System ( DMM, Function Generator, Frequency Counter and Power Supply)
Transmission & Distribution Testing :
Series Resonance Systems High Voltage Test Sets
Transformer Test Sets Circuit Breaker Test Sets
Tangent Delta Test Sets Oil Breakdown Test Sets
Lightening-Surge Arrester Test Sets Live Line test Sets
Energy Meter Calibration System :
Reference Standards. Automatic Test Benches
Semi Automatic Test Benches
The Company has diversified further into the activities of Energy Solutions by manufacturing high quality static Single Phase and Three Phase energy meters. The company has also developed Automatic Meter Reading System using combination of various technologies like Power Line Communication, Radio Modems, GSM Modems etc., which will serve the distribution companies by accessing agricultural areas, performing Energy audits, Outage management, billing etc. The company manufactures all its products in a 4 acre Factory complex in NASHIK (a rapidly growing Industrial Town about 100 miles from Mumbai ) with a building area of 25,000 sq.ft. This facility also houses an integrated R&D department, Employing development and innovation to create high quality, reliable and cost effective products in a competitive World Market. The R&D is registered and recognized by DSIR, Dept. of Science and Technological Govt. of India.
Motwane is a privately held firm whose origins are traced back to 1909 when the founder Directors established an Electronics Trading Company that pioneered the market for Public Addressing Communication systems. The Motwane brand rapidly gained recognition nationwide as its systems were used by freedom fighters during India's struggle for independence from the British. Today, the company is India's leading Producer of Electronic Test, Measuring and Recording Instruments. The quest for Quality in all of the products is reflected in the Company's compliance to ISO 9001:2000 Standards
Sales Network

The Company has direct sales offices in each of the metro cities in India supported by Sales representatives and Dealers all over the country. Moreover, the Company has also exported its highly successful Digital Low Resistance Meters and Multimeters to the US (mainly to OEM manufacturers) and to a smaller extent, the Middle East, Netherlands and Germany.

The Company has very strong relationships with Government agencies and private organizations connected with Power Generation and Distribution, Defence, Railways, Aviation, Post and Telegraphs, Radio and TV Networks, Communications and Computers, Power Utilities, Research Laboratories and Educational Institutes. In particular, notable customers with long-standing relationships include, the 26 State Electricity Boards (SEB's), All India Radio (AIR), Oil and Natural Gas Corporation, the Indian Railways, Air force, Army and Navy.

Due to its significant market presence and pioneering role in the Indian electronic market, Motwane has excellent brand recognition and a reputation for quality.